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 No.F.24 - 2/2007  -NVS(Acad.)                                                                                                        7th   February,   2008


            The Principals



Sub:-             Institutional Planning and Annual Vidyalaya Calendar for the Academic Year 2008-09 Regarding. 




The current Academic Year has come to an end and the Vidyalayas have to plan to initiate and finalize the Institutional Planning and Annual Calendar of activities before commencement of the next academic session.  The Vidyalaya Calendar is an Annual Calendar of Activities prepared in chronological order and the purpose of the Academic Calendar  is to list  their curricular, co-curricular, pace setting activities and the community service activities in proper order.


The institutional planning should not only look into  the  present needs of the Vidyalaya but should also take into account the future trends for training projects and innovations depending upon the local conditions and available resources.  The ultimate goal of the institutional planning is to improve the functional efficiency of the Vidyalayas to achieve desired objectives.  The institutional planning may include guidance for improvement of teaching techniques, enrichment programmes for remedial teaching, improvement of curricula, new techniques of innovations and experimentation, guidance for improving professional competency of teachers as well as exploring of available community resources for the welfare of the institutions.


While preparing the Institutional Plan, the Vidyalayas are requested to keep in mind the following essential areas which are required to be covered as under:-

          Daily Routine, Time-Table, Text-Books/Stationery;

          Purchase of Furniture  and other items, class supervision;

          CCA, Sports and Games, Library, Pace Setting Activities;

          CCE, Migration, Laboratory, Coverage of Syllabus, House System;

          Institution based  In-service Courses, Constitution of  various committees;

          Infrastructural Facilities, Maintenance and Repairs;

          Personnel Management, Annual Calendar of Activities, ICT;

          Streams Allocation, Mini Migration, Safety and Security measures;

          Formation of Clubs,  Various Competitions and Exhibitions;

          Duties and Responsibilities of Stakeholders.


Each Vidyalaya shall prepare its own school curriculum for the Academic Year 2008-09.  The Calendar should be prepared in date-wise, month-wise manner and must indicate all the activities to be carried out in the Vidyalaya during the academic year.  Critical Analysis should be made vis--vis the targets of the Vidyalayas, strength and weaknesses of the Institutional Plan such that a functional Institutional Plan could be achieved.   Conduct  of  curricular and co-curricular activities, sports and games and competitions, unit tests and examinations and various other  in-house activities  organized in the Vidyalaya during the year must form part of  the Vidyalaya Calendar.  The names of the teacher(s) in-charges of various activities should also be indicated in the Calendar. The SWOT Analysis to be made  on the Institutional Plan and the Academic Calendar for last year and an effective functional and  achievable  Institutional Plan and Academic Calendar to be prepared.


The Principals of the Vidyalayas are requested to send a copy of their Institutional Plan and Annual Calendar to their respective Regional Offices latest by 25th of March, 2008 so as to make it effective from 1st. April, 2008.

Yours faithfully,



( T.C.S. NAIDU )

 Dy. Commissioner(Acad.)

Copy to:-

(1)           Deputy Commissioner, Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti, All Regional Offices: with a request to monitor the receipt of Institutional Plan and Annual Calendar for each Vidyalaya  of the Region and send a compliance report to NVS Headquarters by 15th of April, 2008.  Implementation of the same be monitored during the visits of the officers of the Regional Office to different JNVs and the same should be recorded in the Panel Inspection Reports.


(2)           PS to Commissioner, NVS : for information.

Asstt. Commissioner (Acad.)